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Nestled within the captivating landscapes of the Eifel region, Hotel Bitburg stands as an elegant and refined accommodation in the heart of Bitburg. Escape to our welcoming retreat where the town buzzes with the legacy of the Bitburger Pilsner and its vibrant streets, offering guests a comforting haven and a genuine Eifel experience.
In the cozy bar of Hotel Bitburg, evenings are best spent sipping on local brews and engaging in cheerful conversations, capturing the authentic spirit of the region. The spacious dining room serves hearty meals that resonate with the flavors of the Eifel, ensuring guests feel right at home. Recognizing the diverse needs of its visitors, Hotel Bitburg has accessible rooms, ensuring everyone enjoys a hassle-free and comfortable stay. With its genuine hospitality and warm ambiance, Hotel Bitburg is more than just a place to stay—it's where memories of the Eifel come to life.
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Beautiful experiences for you and your family

At Hotel Bitburg, guests are greeted by rooms that epitomize cleanliness and spaciousness, creating an immediate sense of comfort. Each room, thoughtfully designed, radiates a welcoming ambiance, ensuring visitors find a serene retreat after their day's adventures.

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2 Beds

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3 Beds

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4 Beds

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Our available facilities

Within Hotel Bitburg's welcoming walls, you'll find 161 meticulously crafted rooms, including four designed for accessibility, radiating the very essence of Eifel comfort and coziness. Each space offers a sanctuary where guests can truly unwind and feel at home.
The heart of the hotel is its spacious, inviting restaurant, where delightful culinary experiences await. Beside it, a warm bar offers the perfect setting for relaxed conversations, and the dance hall adds a lively touch to the ambiance, all while preserving that genuine cozy and welcoming feel.

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